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The ‘recommended retail price’ on any given item is not actually a legally binding price and, in fact, in many countries it is illegal for producers to make distributors sell goods at a set price. Thus, the reason it is not the price listed on the pack is because companies can sell at whatever price they wish. Consumers should only do something if they feel a price is unfair or unjust.

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Are they good deals? Is it worth paying the premiums?Yes is the short answer, but there are a few exceptions and details.\nPart B coverage is a good deal; the basic premium only covers about one fourth of the cost. The federal government pays for the rest of the cost through general revenues.\nFor new retirees, the monthly premium for Part B benefits (physician and outpatient coverage) is $115.40 if your total taxable income, plus tax exempt interest, is below certain thresholds ($85,000 if you\u0027re single; $170,000 for a married couple). If your income is above these thresholds, your Medicare Part B premiums can range from $161.50 to $369.10, depending on your income.

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We cannot, of course, turn a blind eye to the facts

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All I could tell her was, ‘I’ll see you in a couple of weeks

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The bar will begin offering meats and cheese plates within the

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how our lawlessness strengthens our enemies

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They will start to learn how to fend for themselves and worse

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