Despite the sizable victory, polls show the two candidates are

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Enroute to Kochi, Avinash and Shaukat, must now take a detour

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Who has taken action against telecom giant Huawei and why

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I was on my way to my MMA class in Arvada, CO

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I rather suspect that, as per a previous response to my query,

A display board at NID all the icons that its faculty and students made. Sudhakar Nadkarni, also of the NID, left the institute to found another design school, the IDC. Through the early to the late Nadkarni product designs have been the mainstay of all Indian middle class homes from Murphy transistor radios, Cromptpon Greaves fans and regulators to refrigerators from Allwyn.

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It’s the goofy widowed OB/GYN dad (h/t “10 Things I Hate About

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It was a strange moment where I was like, ‘Oh, my God

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Women especially who leave their own family to join her

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And I did factory reset it, multiple times, actually

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